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Achieving DevSecOps maturity with GitHub

GitHub has been rapidly evolving into a complete development platform over the past year and a half, with the addition of native CI/CD capabilities using GitHub Actions. But did you know that you can implement DevSecOps natively in GitHub Enterprise, using GitHub Advanced Security?

How leading software teams build securely on GitHub

Today, every company is a software company.

Application Security explained: Downloadable guide to learn how to put the developer first

Put developers front and center for application security and drive down the number of vulnerabilities in production code. Download this PDF guide to learn more.

GitHub Advanced Security

De l’open source au DevOps, les entreprises recherchent de nouveaux moyens d’accélérer la livraison de logiciels, tout en s’appuyant sur les outils de sécurité traditionnels. GitHub Advanced Security aide les équipes à créer plus rapidement un code plus sûr grâce au moteur d’analyse de code sémantique le plus avancé au monde.

GitHub Advanced Security: 소프트웨어 개발 수명주기 전체를 안전하게 보호하세요

아직도 소프트웨어 개발 프로세스 내부의 보안 조치가 등한시되는 경우가 너무 많습니다


GitHub Advanced Securityは、ソフトウェア開発ライフサイクル全体をカバーするセキュリティ機能を提供します。

Three AppSec pitfalls every security leader can avoid

Secure software is critical for business success today. Here are some common application security pitfalls every software team can watch out for.

Complex, siloed, slow: Top AppSec pitfalls and how to avoid them

Secure software is critical for organizations to stay in business today. But security can be easier said than done—due to the complexity, siloed teams, and slow processes.

Shift sec: How to secure modern software

Like speed, secure software is critical for any business. But while successful software development depends on new tools and innovation, traditional security approaches are still holding teams back.

Securing the software supply chain

Delivering a standout customer experience increasingly relies on building better software faster. As enterprises of all sizes modernize their software supply chain, open source is a key opportunity to access a global community of millions of developers, libraries, and tools. But bringing open source software behind your firewall also comes with unique risks.

Incorporating community-powered security into the developer workflow

What if you could have an extra team member who reviews each pull request, with a special eye towards security? A team member who knows all the latest security research, and gives helpful feedback, making security part of your engineering culture?

Solving for a security-first approach: building blocks for scalable product security

Cybersecurity is facing its watershed moment. As developer release cycles are accelerating, organizations are quickly realizing there are simply not enough skilled security engineers available to protect their code.

How GitHub secures open source software

GitHub works hard to secure the open source software you use. We provide businesses with best practices to learn and leverage across their workflows. Download this PDF Whitepaper to learn more.

Secure software development strategy essentials

Trust is the foundation of the relationship between software companies and their customers. The ability to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands is a cornerstone of this trust.



Développez en toute sécurité pour les services financiers

De nombreuses personnes se fient aux logiciels, des applications mobiles aux services bancaires en ligne en passant par la conduite autonome. Et si ces logiciels étaient vulnérables? La sécurité n'est plus l'idée d'un développeur.