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Leaked a secret? Find out with a free Appsec health security check

With GitHub Enterprise, secret scanning is included for public repositories only. But what about your private repositories? Request our free 7-day secret scanning health check for your private GitHub repositories.

  • No commitment required – zero upfront costs or commitments
  • Discover risk – find leaked secrets like API keys, tokens, passwords, and other sensitive data.
  • Rapid results – secret scanning is simple to turn on and can deliver results on day 1

To continue benefiting from secret scanning in your private repositories after the appsec health check, it is essential to acquire GitHub Advanced Security. This add-on product ensures that you can maintain the use of secret scanning while also gaining access to a host of other powerful security features.

What’s included with GitHub Advanced Security:

Features With GitHub Enterprise With Advanced Security
Dependabot alerts (SCA)
Get notified when there are new vulnerabilities affecting dependencies in your repositories.
Dependency review
Understand the security impacts of newly introduced dependencies during pull requests before they get merged.

Only in your public repo
Security Overview
Get a centralized view of risk for your teams across hundreds, or even thousands, of repositories.

Only able to view results of testing types included for GHE
Code scanning (SAST)
Automatically find and fix vulnerabilities before they are shipped into production.

Only in your public repo
Secret scanning
Immediately know if your secrets are exposed in your codebase.

Only in your public repo


Request a free appsec health check

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