Partner Tech Talk : DevOps with GitHub


About this event

From headlines to job descriptions, DevOps has emerged as an outsized buzzword over the past decade–and for good reason.

Organisations that successfully adopt DevOps often see big gains in software development speeds, improved reliability, faster product iterations, and have an easier time scaling their services.But despite its roots in software development, DevOps is a holistic business practice that combines people, processes, cultural practices, and technologies to bring previously siloed teams together to deliver speed, value, and quality across the software development life cycle (SDLC).

What role can GitHub play in a DevOps transformation? GitHub is an integrated platform that takes companies from idea to planning to production, combining a focused developer experience with powerful, fully managed development, automation, and test infrastructure. GitHub’s comprehensive suite of tools brings the entire DevOps pipeline into a single toolset.

Join this session to learn how GitHub Enterprise can help your customers to collaborate, build, and deliver faster.

Who should attend:

  • Technical profiles who want to learn how they can position, configure and demonstrate GitHub Enterprise.
  • Sales profiles who want to learn more about the benefits and pricing of GitHub Enterprise.

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