Partner Tech Talk : GitHub Copilot Webinar


About this event

Ever since we launched GitHub Copilot, it’s helped redefine productivity for more than a million developers. GitHub has conducted research where we see that GitHub Copilot helps people code 55% faster and improving their satisfaction and happiness.

GitHub Copilot for Business is available now offering a great opportunity for your customers to get the benefits of AI in their development workflow.

This live session is dedicated to GitHub partners to learn from our product experts about:

  • GitHub Copilot for Business : What is it and how to configure it
  • Personas : Who are the main personas that can benefit from GitHub Copilot, and how to position it
  • Key Use Cases : How to position GitHub Copilot with your customers using concrete examples
  • The future of Developer Productivity with GitHub

Who should attend:

  • Technical profiles who want to learn how they can position, configure and demonstrate GitHub Copilot.
  • Sales profiles who want to learn more about the benefits and pricing of GitHub Copilot for Business.

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