Partner Tech Talk : GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS)


About this event

At GitHub, we don’t believe in sacrificing your experience, productivity, or collaboration for security. GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS) embeds security testing into your familiar workflow, helping you to prevent and fix vulnerabilities and secret leaks.

GitHub Advanced Security is the unified, native and automated application security solution for the developer workflow. Traditional security tools bolted onto the development process can cause friction and add manual processes. GitHub Advanced Security is natively integrated with the GitHub platform and enables you to secure the software supply chain, custom code and the software lifecycle. This complete and automated approach enables increased productivity, reduced risk and improved time-to-market.

During this session you will hear about:

  • Developer-centered: Integrating application security as part of the native developer experience is the only way to truly shift security left.
  • No-configuration setup: SCA and Secret Scanning run continuously in the background with no configuration necessary or CI necessary. Developers can rest assured that their code is free of vulnerable dependencies and secrets by simply pushing their code to GitHub.
  • Automated Remediation: Dependabot Automated Security Updates makes it as easy as possible to update vulnerable dependencies by already opening Pull Requests and also using the community-powered data to give metrics on compatibility of the change
  • Native Integration: Code Scanning results natively integrated as part of the Pull Request and within GitHub
  • Low False Positives: By default Code Scanning only uses a subset of highly-curated CodeQL queries to ensure that results found are indeed true positives.

Join this session to learn how your customers can benefit from GHAS starting now!

Who should attend:

  • Technical profiles who want to learn how they can position, configure and demonstrate GitHub Advance Security.
  • Sales profiles who want to learn more about the benefits and pricing of GitHub Advance Security.

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