Partner Tech Talk : GitHub Codespaces


About this event

Local development environments are fragile. And even when functioning perfectly, a single-context, bespoke local development environment felt increasingly out of step with the instant-on, access-from-anywhere world in which we now operate.

With Codespaces, we saw an opportunity to treat our dev environments much like we do infrastructure—a commodity we can churn—but still maintain the ability to curate our workbench. Visual Studio Code extensions, settings sync, and dotfiles repos bring our environment to our compute.

Migrating to Codespaces addressed the shortcomings in our existing developer environments, motivated us to push the product further, and provided leverage to improve our overall development experience.

This live session is dedicated to GitHub partners to learn from our product experts about:

  • GitHub Codespaces : What is it and how can it impact your developers productivity
  • Personas : Who are the main personas that can benefit from GitHub Codespaces, and how to position it
  • Key Use Cases : How to position GitHub Codespaces with your customers using concrete examples
  • The future of Developer Productivity with GitHub

Who should attend:

  • Technical profiles who want to learn how they can position, configure and demonstrate GitHub Codespaces.
  • Sales profiles who want to learn more about the benefits and pricing of GitHub Codespaces.

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