GitHub at OWASP 2023 Global AppSec


About this event

These days, you’re trying to ship software faster. But what’s your plan for keeping it secure?

Join us at OWASP Global App Sec Dublin to discover how GitHub’s security add-on, GitHub Advanced Security, can help your team secure software directly in the developer workflow and ship secure software fast.

Come by our booth to gain from technical demos, in-booth presentations as well as giveaways! Register below and have a 1:1 chat with one of our security specialists and/or ask for a demo!

Catch our in-booth sessions:

  • Wednesday, 15 Feb, 10:00-10:30 - Meet GitHub Security!

    Maybe you use GitHub for open-source, to AI program, as your CI system or you've just heard the name. Come meet GitHub Security and find out how to secure the code you build or pull in all within GitHub!

  • Wednesday, 15 Feb, 15:00-15:30 - Say goodbye to credential leaks.

Breaches attributable to credential misuse continue to affect all of us. While safeguarding credentials seems simple, modern software development's scale and interconnected nature make it difficult. In this talk, learn how to prevent secret leaks in your code.

  • Thursday, 16 Feb, 10:00-10:30 - Developer Optimized Security, What is it?

Despite integrations into the development process in recent years, most application security processes are disruptive to development, and the majority of security findings will never be fixed! In this talk, learn best practices to optimize your AppSec program to fix what you find and accelerate development work.

When: February 15-16, 2023

Where: The Convention Centre Dublin

Booth: DA2

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See you there! 🎉


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