Northern Octocat Community (NOC)


About this event

We’re getting ready to meet you at the TBD! It is an exclusive opportunity for you to interact with your peers, hear about new GitHub releases, updates on Copilot, GitHub Advanced Security, Actions, etc., as well as hear experiences from other NOC members.

Start: November 20, 13:00 CET (Doors open at 12:00 CET)
End: November 21, 14:00 CET
Location: To be added

What’s in store:

November 20, Day 1

13:00 - Doors Open at IKEA
13:30-18:00 Lunch, presentations & discussions
19:00 Dinner & Drinks

November 21, Day 2

9:00 - Doors open at IKEA
9:30- 12:30 Breakfast, presentations, discussions and breakouts
13:00 Lunch & networking
14:00 Wrap up

Please RSVP, registration is already open!

Looking for speakers:

This is your chance to showcase what you are working on. Do you have a great story? We are still looking for speakers! Format: 10min presentation, 10min discussion. Reach out to and we can discuss topics and format with you.

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