Learning Journey : How to Secure Your Software Supply Chain with GitHub


About this event

Today’s applications depend on open source components, and threat actors know it. But while attacks come from outsiders, prevention starts with the native tools built into your development platform.

In this action-oriented learning journey, you will learn how to:

  • Rally your company’s leadership, security teams, and developers to secure the software supply chain
  • Safely leverage open source components while keeping vulnerable and outdated dependencies out of your code
  • Reduce the friction and fire drills that delay releases and compromise quality

This is a learning journey, not a sales pitch. We won’t ask you to cut a purchase order, complicate your tech stack, or take developers out of their workflow. Instead, we’ll demonstrate how to deploy GitHub’s free supply chain security tools – including the advisory database, dependency graph, and Dependabot – to stop vulnerabilities at the source.

GitHub helps secure the world’s software supply chain. Let’s start with yours.

Part 1: Reasons to Care: Risks and benefits for your business, customers, and development teams
June 22, 5pm CEST / 8 am PDT / 11 am EDT
Our first session will be all about the current landscape of software supply chain security and why it’s crucial to consider in your software development environment.

Part 2: Actions to Take: Practical steps and best practices that overcome barriers to adoption
June 29, 5pm CEST / 8 am PDT / 11 am EDT
Our second session will share practical tips and actions to take in order to overcome barriers to adoption and secure your software supply chain.

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