How GitHub uses GitHub - Startup Edition


About this event

Join Christopher Harrison, Senior Enterprise Advocate at GitHub, as he walks through a hands-on workshop for scaling your startup on GitHub.

What’s in store:
As a startup, your focus is on building the next big thing, on bringing together the talent who shares your vision. But how do you manage the development process? How do you use the tools available to you? What tools are even available? Let's answer those questions and more!

In this interactive, hands-on workshop we'll explore DevOps and GitHub for Startups. We'll walk through common scenarios and discuss best practices. We'll see how to use the full breadth of options available in GitHub for startups. We'll explore how GitHub uses GitHub to build GitHub. You'll leave this three-hour workshop with actionable learnings you can use to improve your processes, allowing your organization to move fast, and respond to challenges, all while not breaking things.

About Christopher Harrison:
@Geektrainer joined GitHub after almost 10 years of experience at Microsoft - including Microsoft Services, Azure Engineering, and the Customer Success Unit.

He regularly interacts with engineering leads and executives, helping them evolve their development approach and adopt modern engineering practices.

He is passionate about the broader technical community, presenting at many conferences and meetup groups to make DevOps practices accessible to all.

Session and attendee details:

  • What to bring: This is an interactive session so be sure to bring a laptop!
  • Food & beverage: we’ll have breakfast, coffee, and other refreshments available for attendees.
  • Where: Microsoft Reactor 680 Folsom St #145, San Francisco, CA 94107
  • Covid19 Policy: Attendees will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test in the last 7 days.

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