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Did you know there are now 100 million developers around the world using GitHub?

In fact, we’re the largest community of developers, generating millions of lines of open source software that can be reused by the community. That’s because GitHub’s end-to-end platform is designed with developer needs in mind first, creating efficiencies with automation and providing an intuitive, universal interface for teams.

We’re excited to share the recent launch of GitHub Copilot, an AI pair programmer that helps you write code faster by drawing context from comments and code to suggest individual lines and whole functions instantly.

Drop by our SCaLE booth to learn about how you can build out your developer toolkit and pick up some GitHub swag, too!

GitHub Speaking Session

Saturday, March 11, 2023 - 4:30 to 5:30 PT Ballroom A

Level Up with GitHub Copilot

Rizèl Scarlett | Junior Developer Advocate | GitHub

If you've tried GitHub Copilot, you know that it can feel like magic. The tool fills out entire blocks of code with shocking accuracy—though knowing exactly where to correct it requires skill. In this session, Rizèl Scarlett shares how GitHub Copilot can help you level up your software engineering career.

GitHub at SCaLE Details:

Date: March 10-12, 2023

SCALE at the Pasadena Convention Center
Pasadena, CA
Booth 120

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