GitHub at OWASP 2022 Global AppSec


About this event

These days, you’re trying to ship software faster. But what’s your plan for keeping it secure?

Join us at OWASP Global App Sec USA to discover how GitHub’s security add-on, GitHub Advanced Security, can help your team secure software directly in the developer workflow and ship secure software fast.

Get technical demos, in-booth presentations, giveaways, and the chance to build your own Octocat!

Catch our theater sessions:

  • Meet GitHub Security! See how you can secure your code in GitHub, all within the familiar developer workflow.
  • Demystifying End-to-end Supply Chain Security: Learn how to secure your end-to-end supply chain across your personal accounts, code, and build processes.
  • Ensuring safety while practicing DevOps! Discover how to ensure compliance by implementing safety checks across the development workflow.
  • Say goodbye to credential leaks: Explore how to prevent secret leaks in your code by proactively scanning for issues.
  • Can crowdsourcing change your security posture? Dive into how crowdsourcing security can change your response time to threats and how you can help the community with contributions.
  • Developer Optimized Security, What is it? Find out best practices for optimizing your AppSec program, so you can accelerate development work.
  • How GitHub uses GitHub: Learn how the GitHub security team uses GitHub to stay secure.
  • Proactive vs. Reactive AppSec: Understand how you can shift your security approach from reactive to proactive and prevent security weaknesses from ever making it into your code.
  • Meet with GitHub Security Specialists: Meet with GitHub security specialists at our booth to ask for advice and get in-depth info.

When: November 17-18, 2022
Where: Hyatt Regency, San Francisco
Booth: D01

When Thursday is done at OWASP Global AppSec and you’re ready to escape, join us at the #OWASPSpeakeasy at the High Horse Underground Bar:
• Crafted Cocktails • Fine Filling Food • Immersion in old San Francisco

An evening shrewd adventure hosted by GitHub and NowSecure. Open 8:00pm - 10:30pm PT

Space is limited! Must register in advance to attend.

For more details, follow @GitHub on Twitter and LinkedIn. Don’t forget to tag us with #GitHubOWASP

See you there! 🎉

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