Driving 433% ROI with GitHub Enterprise

The 2022 Total Economic Impact™ of GitHub—a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting—examines the potential return on investment (ROI) for companies that use GitHub Enterprise over three years. Results are for a composite organization based on interviewed customers.

Key findings

GitHub’s complete developer platform, including GitHub Enterprise Cloud, GitHub Codespaces, GitHub Advanced Security, and GitHub Actions, increases developer productivity, reduces security vulnerabilities, and saves time in developer onboarding.

22% improvement

In developer productivity

75% improvement

In time spent managing tools and code infrastructure

<6 months’ payback

After go-live

Dive deeper into GitHub’s business impact

Forrester webinar

Join Maya Ross, Senior Director for Enterprise Product Management at GitHub and Janet Worthington, Senior Analyst at Forrester, as they cover The Total Economic Impact™ of GitHub™ during a webinar.
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Maximizing your ROI with GitHub Enterprise and Advanced Security

Forrester ROI Estimator

Working with GitHub customers, Forrester identified and quantified key benefits of investing in Enterprise Cloud and Advanced Security. Get your high-level estimate of the economic impact based on your specific business environment.
The ROI Estimator

Forrester Infographic

Forrester has completed the study and compiled their findings in an infographic
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Driving 433% ROI with GitHub
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