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GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0新機能

2021年2月に、GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0が公開されました。

GitHub 企业版解决方案简介

如何成为开源企业? 使用仅在开源生态中才能找到的工具,流程和创新来改变企业构建软件的方式。

What’s new with GitHub Enterprise Server 2.20 (AEDT)

The 2.20 release of GitHub Enterprise Server is now available.

IDC report: How open source is the key to innovation in the enterprise

Today, every company is a software company. Staying competitive depends on how fast your business can transform—and embrace new tools and technology.

The enterprise checklist for building with open source communities

When your team uses open source software (OSS), everyone benefits, but how much is up to you.