Turn software solutions
into business strategy

You’ve got our full attention. Schedule a one-on-one session to share your challenges with GitHub product and engineering leaders, discuss what’s next for your business and industry, and build a custom plan to get you there.

Inside GitHub’s vision and product roadmap

Get started with GitHub’s strategic vision: building collaboration into every part of DevOps. Then explore the “why” behind our key product investments—enterprise foundations, code-to-cloud DevOps, collaboration and community, end-to-end security, and GitHub Insights.

Secure and compliant software with developer-first security

The way we build software has changed, bringing code and new solutions to market even faster. But new ways also bring new risk. Learn about the risks of inadequate security tooling and processes, and how to ship secure software faster by building security into the developer workflow.

Digital transformation, powered by innersource

Speed up development across your organization with innersource: the process of building proprietary software using innovative, collaborative best practices from open source communities. Hear from innersource experts and see how it can help you reach your digital transformation goals.

Code-to-Cloud DevOps

See how the code-to-cloud workflow provides the tools and best practices to frequently deliver quality software, enabling teams to reliably and securely ship to production faster and allowing developers to spend more time innovating.

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