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Demo Day: Automating CI/CD and Security on a single platform with GitHub Enterprise

Get hands-on support for code-to-cloud automation. Join us for a technical deep dive into GitHub Enterprise, plus how you can build, deploy, and secure your applications using GitHub Actions, Packages, and GitHub security alerts.

What is GitHub Actions? How CI/CD & automation work on GitHub

A full guide on the benefits of having built-in automation and CI/CD capabilities on GitHub, how GitHub Actions work, common use cases, and more.

GitHub Actionsで運用するDevOps

高品質なソフトウェアを開発するには、DevOpsを導入することが必須です。本ウェビナーでは、GitHub Actionsを使ってDevOpsを実装する手法を、デモを交えながら紹介します。

Demo Day: Getting Traction with GitHub Actions

Get hands-on support for all things automation. Join us for a technical deep dive into GitHub Actions, starting with non-CI/CD examples to help your developers streamline every part of their workflow. From issue automation to performance monitoring, you’ll walk away with tricks on how to use Actions to build workflows your developers love.

GitHub Actions 소개

이제 세계적 수준의 CI/CD를 갖춘 GitHub Actions로 모든 소프트웨어 워크플로우를 손쉽게 자동화하세요.

Codespaces - Start working on software projects with zero setup time

In order to start working on a software project, a developer needs to first set up a development environment containing all the tools, libraries, dependencies and configuration necessary before the actual work can begin. This process is cumbersome, frustrating and very time-consuming.

Automating CI/CD pipelines with GitHub Actions and Google Cloud

Bring your DevOps pipeline to the cloud with hosted runners and private clusters.

Master GitHub's Codespaces

Coding with minimal configuration and from any device is possible now!

Containerized deployments for enterprises with GitHub Actions and Packages

Learn how to develop and deliver applications faster with containers—the key components of today's developer and DevOps toolchain.

Accelerating DevOps with collaboration & GitHub Actions

As high-performing software teams know, CI/CD is key for DevOps success. But CI/CD is only part of your software workflow—every step of your software development process is an opportunity to move faster, together.

Transform your business with developer productivity and automation

Today’s leaders drive innovation by building better developer experiences: empowering their developers to learn from each other, think bigger, and work more efficiently.

Tout savoir sur la CI/CD avec GitHub Actions

L’année dernière a été dévoilé GitHub Actions, disponible sur GitHub, permettant d’organiser n’importe quel workflow, lié à n’importe quel événement.

IDC Report: GitHub Actions adds CI/CD to augment DevOps pipeline collaboration

More and more organizations are using DevOps to get things done—and now, they can do it in the same place they code. This IDC report dives into how GitHub’s new release, GitHub Actions with built-in CI/CD, helps teams automate their DevOps pipeline from idea to production—and empowers the world’s largest open source community.