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Accelerating DevOps with collaboration & GitHub Actions

As high-performing software teams know, CI/CD is key for DevOps success. But CI/CD is only part of your software workflow—every step of your software development process is an opportunity to move faster, together.

Companies’ digital transformation with GitHub

Almost everything we use today is based on code. To be successful in today's ever changing environment, companies need to meet their customers' expectations, to create the best possible experience and deliver excellence when it comes to software development.

Accelerating DevOps with collaboration and GitHub Actions

As high-performing software teams know, CI/CD is key for DevOps success. But CI/CD is only part of your software workflow—every step of your software development process is an opportunity to move faster, together.

Maximizing your DevOps ROI with GitHub

The Total Economic Impact of GitHub™—a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting—demonstrates how GitHub can help your enterprise build a collaborative culture, reduce costs, accelerate innovation, and improve code security and compliance.

Transform your business with developer productivity and automation

Today’s leaders drive innovation by building better developer experiences: empowering their developers to learn from each other, think bigger, and work more efficiently.

Tout savoir sur la CI/CD avec GitHub Actions

L’année dernière a été dévoilé GitHub Actions, disponible sur GitHub, permettant d’organiser n’importe quel workflow, lié à n’importe quel événement.

Developer happiness and innovation in the enterprise

Today’s leaders drive innovation by building better developer experiences

Le guide DevSecOps pour Architecte d’entreprise

Les architectes d’entreprise ont compris depuis bien longtemps ce que les leaders DevOps découvrent tout juste : que la sécurité, et pas seulement l’exécution et la livraison, est une responsabilité partagée. Aujourd’hui, les équipes Opérations utilisent la collaboration, l’automatisation et les conteneurs afin d’accélérer la livraison de logiciels.

Collaborating in DevOps Culture

Enterprises are learning that a large measure of success for adopting DevOps is the spirit of collaboration it instills among teams.

IDC Report: GitHub Actions adds CI/CD to augment DevOps pipeline collaboration

More and more organizations are using DevOps to get things done—and now, they can do it in the same place they code. This IDC report dives into how GitHub’s new release, GitHub Actions with built-in CI/CD, helps teams automate their DevOps pipeline from idea to production—and empowers the world’s largest open source community.

Top 7 des pratiques d’excellence DevOps

Avec DevOps, vous pouvez développer, modifier et déployer des logiciels plus rapidement, quelle que soit la taille de votre organisation.

Culture matters: How healthy teams build better software

It’s more important than ever to build a healthy engineering culture. Healthy cultures rally developers around a common goal: shipping their best work. Your culture is key to recruiting and retaining the talent you need to ship exceptional customer experiences.


今、DevOpsが注目を浴びています。本ガイドでは、「なぜ従来のシステム開発ではダメなのか」「企業内の DevOps 環境をサポートする基本要素」など、DevOpsに関する要点をわかりやすく解説します。

Collaboration is the key to DevOps success

In a recent TechTarget study, 70 percent of organizations reported they had adopted DevOps.

La collaboration est la clé du succès de DevOps

DevOps a été si largement adopté que les organisations cherchent à optimiser l'efficacité en partant de ce modèle de développement logiciel. L'un des principaux objectifs du DevOps est d'optimiser l'efficacité tout au long du cycle de développement des systèmes. Et les études prouvent que ce modèle continue de se développer à grande vitesse.

Enabling DevOps pipeline execution with GitHub

Companies of all shapes and sizes are building software in more open and collaborative ways, from idea to production. This IDC Vendor Profile provides current and comprehensive insight into how organizations apply DevOps practices, adopt open source software, and use version control to build better, faster.

Six DevOps pitfalls for engineering leaders to avoid

DevOps can be a transformative practice for businesses of all sizes and types. Companies in almost every industry are using DevOps to give teams the time and freedom to tackle more challenging projects. As with all software development strategies, there are some shared pitfalls to watch out for.





Practical guide to Jenkins and GitHub

When it comes to sharing code across your organization, how do you make sure only the best code gets merged? In this practical guide, you’ll learn how to use GitHub and Jenkins to create a build, run automated tests at every check, and decrease the amount of bugs that make it to production—without slowing down your time to ship.