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The fundamentals of continuous integration in DevOps

What is continuous integration in DevOps? Continuous integration (CI) is a foundational DevOps practice where development teams integrate code changes from multiple contributors into a shared repository. Automation is used throughout this process to merge, build, and test code to facilitate a higher speed of software development. This process is often called a CI pipeline. When implemented properly, CI enables organizations to quickly identify defects and ship higher-quality software faster.

The fundamentals of continuous deployment in DevOps

What is continuous deployment? Continuous deployment (CD) is an automated software release practice where code changes are deployed to different stages as they pass predefined tests. The goal of CD is to facilitate faster releases by using automation to help remove the need for human intervention as much as possible during the deployment process.





Continuous integration with GitHub Enterprise and Jenkins

In today’s DevOps world of fast-changing and constantly-improving software, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) are vital to development. Ready to try CI/CD at your organization? This webcast will walk you through how you can create your own <a href="https://resources.github.com/ci-cd">CI/CD</a> workflow using GitHub Enterprise and Jenkins.