Developer productivity and satisfaction: How generative AI is making a difference

About this event

Enabling developers to be more productive requires that we provide them with tools that make them feel successful at the end of the day. That means automating boilerplate work, helping them stay focused on tasks, and ensuring they can make meaningful progress on projects they care about.

That’s where GitHub Copilot comes in, our new AI solution that makes developers more efficient, and happier, too. For our next webinar on Wednesday, April 12, we’re inviting innovators across the world to discover how generative AI is changing the game in software development.

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In this 45-minute session, we’ll cover how GitHub Copilot:

  • Enables developers to stay in the flow longer
  • Cuts down on development time and creates more consistent code through AI features like code completion suggestions
  • Automates tedious tasks and creates a positive working experience for developers, which results in higher quality products
  • Helps developers focus on more satisfying work—and ultimately find more fun in the coding they do

Ready to see how generative AI can positively impact your team’s productivity (and satisfaction)? Join us!

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