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About this event

Each month, the GitHub team will take a deeper dive on topics around security, DevOps, and the developer experiences. Join us from where you are for best practices, success stories, and insights. Seats are limited so save your spot today!

Since applications fuel these digital experiences, developing applications needed to deliver business processes has become a core competency for organizations of all sizes; every company is now a technology company. At the same time, enterprise applications’ increasing use and importance create a prime target for malicious actors—resulting in devastating security breaches. While it can be difficult to pinpoint the initial attack vector for breaches, in retrospect, many of the biggest recent breaches are known to have leveraged vulnerabilities at the application layer. Given how critical applications are to many businesses, why do we keep experiencing application security breaches? Despite an emphasis on application development and improved application security, application vulnerabilities continue to grow linearly with lines of code. How can we break this relationship in order to deliver more secure applications?

In this event, we’ll take a look at the current state of application security and recommend sustainable solutions. We’ll also share GitHub’s responsibility in securing the world’s software, and how GitHub helps organizations deliver more secure applications and empower innovation.

Join Nick Liffen, Field Security Specialist at GitHub, to learn how GitHub Advanced Security helps teams secure their supply chain and code with the only community-driven, native application security testing solution in the developer workflow.

What we will discuss:

  • How companies secure the code they write in-house
  • How to prevent secrets from exposure
  • How to secure the software supply chain
  • How to secure the software development lifecycle - with native, end to end security capabilities within development processes

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