CI/CD across the clouds with GitHub Actions


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Automate all of your software workflows.

Automation within an enterprise can have a significant impact on cost savings, but the cost to build, execute and maintain the automation platform must also be considered.

GitHub Actions is a complete CI/CD solution built natively into GitHub, which enables developers to build, test, deliver, and deploy software all from one platform.

Join GitHub, Azure, and other industry experts from Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform for a workshop on April 13 about how developers can use GitHub Actions to better unblock their understanding deployment to the clouds

Learn how to build workflows and automate builds and deployments with GitHub Actions in a hands-on workshop, Deployment across the clouds.

We’ll also show you how to:

  • Deploy projects to the cloud that are compliant with industry standards for financial services
  • Fine-tune your DevOps best practices for a smoother DevSecOps adoption
  • Demo Using GitHub Actions to build those pipelines

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Note: The date of this webinar has been updated to April 13. Thanks for understanding and see you soon!

This event has passed