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Copilot Business brings the power of generative AI to engineering teams, accelerating the speed of software development and innovation. Get started for only $19/user/month.

How developers are coding up to 55% faster

Join us as we explore Copilot and rediscover the joy of coding by getting code and entire function suggestions directly in your editor.

What is the purchase process for Copilot Business?

  1. Create a free GitHub account - If you don’t already have a GitHub account, create a free account using an approved work or personal email address.

  2. Select a GitHub plan - We offer a Free, Team, or Enterprise option based plan based on your needs and feature requirements. Learn more >

  3. Create an organization - Set up your organization and add teammates in just a few simple steps.

  4. Complete your purchase - Enter your payment details and select members of your organization to provide them access.

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Cut down on development time

Research shows developers using GitHub Copilot code up to 55% faster—and report feeling more productive, more fulfilled, and better able to focus on more satisfying work.
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Accelerate innovation

Copilot Business makes it easy to turn ideas into new features—or products—by helping teams innovate at speed and focus on what matters most: building great software.
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Works with the world’s most popular editors

GitHub Copilot integrates directly into Neovim, JetBrains IDEs, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code—and offers real-time suggestions via a simple extension.
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Loved by developers

This is the single most mind-blowing application of machine learning I’ve ever seen.
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Mike KriegerCo-founder, Instagram
Copilot has dramatically accelerated my coding... Still learning to use it but it already writes ~80% of my code, ~80% accuracy. I don't even really code, I prompt. & edit.
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Andrej KarpathyFormer Director of AI at Tesla
GitHub Copilot works shockingly well. I will never develop software without it again.
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Lars Gyrup Brink NielsenCo-Founder of This is Learning
Trying to code in an unfamiliar language by googling everything is like navigating a foreign country with just a phrasebook. Using GitHub Copilot is like hiring an interpreter
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Harri EdwardsOpenAI


What data does Copilot Business collect?

GitHub Copilot relies on file content and additional data to work. It collects data to provide the service, some of which is then retained for further analysis and product improvements.

Copilot Business collects data as described below:

User Engagement Data

When you use GitHub Copilot it will collect usage information about events generated when interacting with the IDE or editor. These events include user edit actions like completions accepted and dismissed, and error and general usage data to identify metrics like latency and features engagement. This information may include personal data, such as pseudonymous identifiers.

Code Snippets Data

GitHub Copilot transmits snippets of your code from your IDE to GitHub to provide suggestions to you. Code snippets data is only transmitted in real-time to return Suggestions, and is discarded once a suggestion is returned. Copilot Business does not retain any Code Snippets Data.

How is the data in GitHub Copilot for Business used and shared?

User Engagement Data is used by GitHub and Microsoft to provide the service and to enable improvements.

Such uses may include:

  • Evaluating GitHub Copilot, e.g., by measuring the positive impact it has on the user

  • Fine tuning ranking and sorting algorithms and Prompt crafting

  • Detecting potential abuse of GitHub Copilot or violation of Acceptable Use Policies.

  • Conducting experiments and research related to developers and their use of developer tools and services.

Will my code be shared with other users?

No. We follow responsible practices in accordance with our Privacy Statement to ensure that neither your Prompts or Suggestions will be shared or used as suggested code for other users of GitHub Copilot.

Where can I learn more about GitHub privacy and data protection?

For more information on how GitHub processes and uses personal data, please see the GitHub Privacy Statement.

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