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Collaborating in DevOps Culture

Enterprises are learning that a large measure of success for adopting DevOps is the spirit of collaboration it instills among teams.

Codespaces - Start working on software projects with zero setup time

In order to start working on a software project, a developer needs to first set up a development environment containing all the tools, libraries, dependencies and configuration necessary before the actual work can begin. This process is cumbersome, frustrating and very time-consuming.

What is DevSecOps? Download this guide to DevSecOps

DevSecOps brings IT security into development and operations teams to ensure that security is a priority at every step of the software development lifecycle. Download this guide to learn more.


Fireside Chat: Best practices for developer-first security

What happens when you prioritise security as much as speed? Join our fireside chat with industry and GitHub experts as we discuss their organisation’s security journey, and how they use GitHub Advanced Security to build securely from the first line of code.