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GitHub-Hosted Runners Beta

Deliver better software faster with larger GitHub-hosted runners for GitHub Actions

Integrating GitHub with Sentry to Increase Speed to Resolution

Whether you’re already using Sentry and GitHub separately, or building a deployment workflow for the first time, you can follow these steps to create an automated workflow for your team

What is GitHub Actions? How CI/CD & automation work on GitHub

A full guide on the benefits of having built-in automation and CI/CD capabilities on GitHub, how GitHub Actions work, common use cases, and more.

GitHub Actions 소개

이제 세계적 수준의 CI/CD를 갖춘 GitHub Actions로 모든 소프트웨어 워크플로우를 손쉽게 자동화하세요.

Tout savoir sur la CI/CD avec GitHub Actions

L’année dernière a été dévoilé GitHub Actions, disponible sur GitHub, permettant d’organiser n’importe quel workflow, lié à n’importe quel événement.